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The Benefits of the Visa Waiver Program

The Benefits of the Visa Waiver Program


The Visa Waiver Program is a program enacted by the United States to remove barriers and facilitate the travel to the United States. It was designed to increase tourism business visa

Specific Benefits of the Visa Waiver Program:

The prime benefit of using the Visa Waiver Program if your country qualifies for it is skipping the visa application process if you plan on only visiting a country for a period of 90 days or less. The Visa Waiver Program grants access for one to enter into the United States without the hassle of filling out piles of paperwork to receive a visa. While the United States still performs a background check for each individual entering the United States, the benefit of not applying for a visa lifts many of the barriers that have hindered travel to the United States before 1986; such as being denied a visa for various reasons.

One travel reason that the Visa Waiver Program was aimed at was for business travel. Business trips to the United States are now much easier to set up and members from other countries can conduct business on an international scale with a new level of ease. In the grand scheme of things, the Visa Waiver Program has facilitated the spread of international business and trade and has allowed businesses a greater ability to grow, spread ideas, and conduct business deals.

Tourism is also another target for the Visa Waiver Program. The tourism industry, as a result of the Visa Waiver Program, has seen a rapid increase due to the lifted guidelines for visiting the United States. The doors for people living in eligible countries who were hesitant to travel or who were never approved for a visa are now open. Essentially, the economic effects for the Visa Waiver Program are one major reason to have it enacted and expanded in the future.

Another hidden but meaningful benefit of the Visa Waiver Program is the easier spread of ideas between the United States and other countries. On a long enough timeline, as people do more traveling, the spread of ideas becomes more widespread throughout the world. There are always new ideas that a traveler may leave behind in the United States or bring back with them to their own country. The spread of information is a valuable thing that many other countries are hoping to enjoy as the Visa Waiver Program continues to expand.