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A Look at Comprehensive Immigration Reform

A Look at Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The term comprehensive immigration reform refers to a complete change in the existing immigration policy and legislation. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform of 2006 was a extensive bill promoting major immigration reform, in an attempt to address the many complications and inadequacies in the immigration policy. This immigration reform has many different provisions and sought to make a number of changes to the existing immigration policy.
For example, this bill proposed a significant increase in security on the Mexican border, to prohibit illegal immigrants from entering into the United States. However, it also sought to prohibit local officials from enforcing immigration legislation and immigration violations. It also proposed a route through which currently illegal immigrants, who have resided in the United Sates for an extended period of time, could become legalized.
Though the Comprehensive Immigration Reform of 2006 promoted the legalization of long time illegal aliens, it also restricted the number of illegal immigrants that could be legalized each decade. This immigration reform proposed many additional provisions that would thoroughly renovate immigration policy. Despite the approval exhibited by the Senate, this reform was never passed into law.
Today, there is a great deal of debate surrounding comprehensive immigration reform. Many politicians and citizens argue that this reform is essential to address the problems present in the current immigration policy and is a vital tool to keep the country safe. Many changes need to be made to the existing immigration legislation to address the associated complications affecting the United States.



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