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Mexican Consulate

What is the Mexican Consulate?

The Mexican consulate is the inferior branch of the Mexican Embassy.  The Mexican embassy is located in Washington, D.C. and deals primarily with diplomatic issues between the host and visiting nation.  The consulates, on the other hand are primarily focused in helping individuals and businesses with specific individual immigration and diplomatic issues.  There are many Mexican consulates throughout the United States and one can often be found in a major city within the United States.
Why go to the Mexican Consulate?

The mexican consulate is an essential location for any citizen of Mexico seeking to maintain residency or employment in the United States.  Every Mexican citizen living or working within the United States must appear at their Mexican consulate in order to retain a Matricula Consular.  A matricular consular is a Mexican citien’s primary identification card and proof of residency in Mexico.  It is the equivalent of a Social Security Card held by United States citizens.  The matricula includes a picture, a signature, and a brief description of the individul identified in the photo.
The Mexican consulate can also be used by Mexican citizens in order to seek specific information on visas and passports.  The Mexican consulate also gives information on tourism and culture.  The Mexica consulate can be an ideal location to find information about warnings and alerts for travel within Mexico.

There are currenlty 47 Mexican consulate offices within the United States.  Unlike many other nations, Mexico’s consulate offices are not located strictly within major cities.  There are Mexican consulates lining the border between the United States and Mexico as well as in smaller cities farther away from the border such as Omaha, NE,



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