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Citizenship Test Questions And Answers

Citizenship Test Questions And Answers

Citizenship Test Questions and Answers: Everything You Need to Know

Becoming a citizen of any country requires some form of process and requirements, and the United States is no exception. The U.S. citizenship test is a vital part of becoming a citizen, and it is a necessary step towards the fulfillment of the American Dream. Passing the citizenship test guarantees you a place among the citizens of the United States. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about citizenship test questions and answers.

What is the Citizenship Test?

The citizenship test is a crucial aspect of the citizenship process. It is a test that evaluates the applicants’ knowledge on the United States’ history, the government system, and the English language. The test is part of the naturalization process of becoming a citizen. Applicants must pass the entire test to become U.S. citizens.

There are two parts to the citizenship test. Part one is the Civics test, and part two is the English language proficiency test. Each of these tests is critical, and applicants must pass them both to meet the naturalization requirements.

Part One: The Civics Test

The Civics test is the first part of the two-part citizenship test. It evaluates the applicants’ knowledge on the United States history and government system. The U.S citizens have a working knowledge of these topics, and immigrants seeking to become citizens must demonstrate the same knowledge.

The civics test has a total of 100 possible questions on the history, geography, and government of the United States. Applicants are not required to study all 100 questions. A selection of ten questions is selected from the 100, and the applicant must get six out of ten correct to pass. Some of the questions include:

What are some of the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens?

What is the supreme law of the land?

What is the name of the current president of the United States?

What are the three branches of the U.S. government?

What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?

What Does the Citizenship Test Cover?

The citizenship test covers significant aspects of the United States history, the government system, and geography. Some of the topics tested include:

The Constitution: The citizenship test covers the structure of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the 13th and 14th Amendments.

The Government: The citizenship test covers the three branches of government, their responsibilities, and their functions. It also covers federalism and the relationship between the federal government and state governments.

The United States History: The history of the United States is a significant part of the citizenship test. Some of the topics covered include the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Geography: The citizenship test contains questions on the geography of the United States, including the location of different states and landmarks.

Part Two: The English Language Proficiency Test

The second part of the citizenship test is the English language proficiency test. The test evaluates an applicant’s ability to read, write, and speak in English. Applicants must demonstrate English proficiency to become U.S. citizens.

The English language proficiency test has three components: reading, writing, and speaking. Applicants must read aloud a sentence or two in English, write a sentence in English, and speak to the USCIS officer in English. The USCIS officer determines the proficiency level of the applicant based on their responses.

Preparing for the Citizenship Test

Studying for the citizenship test is an essential part of the naturalization process. Applicants must have a working knowledge of the history, government system, and geography of the United States.

USCIS provides resources for applicants to prepare for the citizenship test. These resources include study guides, audio books, and videos. Applicants can access these resources from the USCIS website or request copies to be sent to them.

Apart from the USCIS resources, there are other study materials that applicants may find useful. These include civics textbooks, flashcards, and practice tests.

Applicants should start studying early to ensure they have enough time to review all the topics. They can also attend citizenship classes and tutoring sessions to boost their knowledge.

Citizenship Test Changes

The citizenship test has gone through several changes since its inception. These changes have been made to ensure the test evaluates the applicant’s knowledge correctly.

One significant change took place in 2020. USCIS introduced changes to the Civics test, and the English language proficiency test was also updated. The new citizenship test is more challenging and has more questions compared to the previous version.

The Civics test now has 128 possible questions, and applicants must answer 20 questions instead of ten. Applicants must answer 12 out of 20 questions correctly to pass.

The English language proficiency test remains the same in terms of structure. However, applicants must demonstrate a higher level of English proficiency compared to the previous version.


Becoming a citizen of the United States is an exciting journey that requires hard work and dedication. The citizenship process is made up of several steps, and the citizenship test is one of the critical components. The test evaluates an applicant’s knowledge of the United States history, the government system, and their English language proficiency. It is important to prepare adequately for the test to increase your chances of passing and gaining citizenship.

While going through this article, you have learned everything you need to know about the citizenship test questions and answers. The USCIS website is a valuable resource that can guide you in your preparation for the citizenship test. Good luck with your citizenship journey!

When a person is looking to gain citizenship in the United States, they will have to take a citizenship test. The citizenship test is generally taken during the naturalization interview. The naturalization interview takes place with an officer from the Unites State Citizenship and Immigration Services. During this interview, the officer will verbally ask questions in reference to an individualā€™s citizenship application, as well as their personal background.

There are four parts to the citizenship test. The first section is the citizenship test is a speaking portion. An individual must complete this section to prove that they can speak English thoroughly enough to survive in an American society. The speaking test is done by conversing with the USCIS officer. During this section the officer will fill out the N-400 form which will determine whether or not the individual is eligible for the rest of the test. The N-400 form is known as the Application for Naturalization.

The second section of the citizenship test is the reading portion. An individual must be able to read, out loud, one out of three sentences. These sentences will be written in the English language; this will determine the individualā€™s ability to read the English language.

The third section of the citizenship test is the writing portion. During this section, an individual will have to write one out of three sentences which are provided verbally by the USCIS officer. By doing so, an individual will be able to determine whether or not they can write the English language efficiently.

The final section of the citizenship test, which is most well-known, is the civics test. The civics test contains 10 questions in which an individual must answer six correctly. The civics questions can be 10 out of 100 questions all which relate to the United States and its history.

Each individual testing for citizenship is given two opportunities for each section, per application. If an individual fails any section of the test, they will be re-tested within the following 90 days. Study material and practice tests can be found online at the USCISā€™s official website.

Study material can range in materials to choose from. Options for study materials include: books, practice test, flash cards, and recorded study guide tapes. Depending on what person decides to purchase, study materials generally range from $50-$90. After completing the test, an individual can check the status of their citizenship by contacting the National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283, or by visiting the USCISā€™s website.

To take the test a fee is required. The following is the current list of fees for taking the test:

Those who are under 75 years of age: $80 for biometrics fees (finger print, background check), $595 for a filing fee; $675 total.

Those who are over the age of 75 years of age- $595; no biometrics required.