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What You Should Know About Business Visas

What You Should Know About Business Visas

Special Considerations for a Business Visa

There are several special considerations to take into account when an individual is applying for a B-1 business visa. A B-1 business visa is designed for foreign nationals who want to visit the United States for business purposes and do not plan on getting monetary compensation.
An individual needs to make sure that the B-1 business visa is right for them, and therefore it is necessary to understand the nature of the B-1 business visa. Anyone who wishes to travel to another country to work and earn money should not apply for this type of visa. 
In addition, any individual who desires to spend an extended period of time in another country for business purposes should not apply for a B-1 business visa. The general time period that one is allowed to be out of their country of origin for is six months to a year, though the duration may be extended in some cases.

Necessary Requirements for a Business Visa
The B-1 business visa is the standard for the traveler who wishes to stay in the United States for a shorter period of time, not desiring or needing to accept income for their services. The DS-156 Non-immigrant Visa Application is the first item on the proverbial checklist of the business visa applicant. Along with this form of documentation, a valid passport with suitable passport photos is a given, as well as quantifiable proof of the individual’s relationship to their associated business. In addition, indications of economic solvency, intent to return to a country of origin and financial record may come into play during the interview process.