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Quick Info on the National Visa Center

Quick Info on the National Visa Center

Quick Info on the National Visa Center

If you’re planning on immigrating to the United States, you’ll likely come across the National Visa Center (NVC) at some point in the process. The NVC serves a critical role in the visa application process, as it’s responsible for collecting and processing the required documentation from applicants. This article provides an overview of the NVC, including the services it provides, the types of visas it handles, and how you can contact the center if you have questions.

What is the National Visa Center?

The National Visa Center is a center operated by the US Department of State that is responsible for processing and managing the paperwork required for foreign nationals who are applying for immigrant visas to the US. The NVC performs several functions, including:

– Collecting and processing all required documentation from visa applicants
– Conducting background checks on applicants
– Scheduling visa interviews at consulates and embassies
– Maintaining communications with applicants regarding the status of their applications

The NVC works closely with US embassies and consulates around the world to process visa applications and ensure that all required documentation is complete.

Types of Visas Handled by the NVC

The NVC handles several different types of visas. These include:

– Family-Based Immigrant Visas: These visas are available to the close relatives of US citizens and permanent residents. There are two categories of family-based visas: Immediate Relative Visas, which are for spouses, parents, and unmarried children under the age of 21, and Family Preference Visas, which are for more distant relatives.
– Employment-Based Immigrant Visas: These visas are available for foreign nationals who are coming to the US to work. The categories of employment-based visas are based on the type of work being done by the applicant and the qualifications of the applicant.
– Diversity Visa: Also known as the “Green Card Lottery,” the Diversity Visa is a way for foreign nationals from countries with low rates of immigration to the US to apply for permanent residency.

If you’re applying for a non-immigrant visa (such as a tourist or student visa), your application will be handled by the US embassy or consulate in your home country, rather than the NVC.

How to Contact the National Visa Center

If you have questions about your visa application, you can contact the National Visa Center by phone, email, or mail. Keep in mind that the NVC cannot provide information about the status of your visa application until it has been fully processed. Contact information for the NVC is as follows:

– Phone: (603) 334-0700
– Email: NVCInquiry@state.gov
– Mail: National Visa Center, Attn: WC, 32 Rochester Ave. Suite 200, Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914

It’s important to note that the NVC is not a visa-issuing authority. Once your application has been processed by the NVC, it will be sent to the US embassy or consulate in your home country, where the final decision on your visa application will be made.

Recent Changes to the National Visa Center

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NVC has made several changes to its operations, which could impact visa applicants. Some of these changes include:

– Suspension of Routine Visa Services: In March 2020, the US Department of State suspended all routine visa services worldwide in response to the pandemic. As a result, visa interviews were cancelled or postponed in many locations. The NVC has said that it will reschedule interviews as soon as it is safe to do so.
– Suspension of Certain Types of Visas: In April 2020, the US government announced a temporary suspension of certain types of visas, including H-1B and L-1 visas, which are used by foreign workers. The suspension was enacted in an effort to protect US workers who may be impacted by the economic fallout of the pandemic.
– Changes to the Public Charge Rule: In August 2019, the US government implemented a new rule regarding “public charge,” which refers to whether someone is likely to rely on public benefits (such as food stamps or housing assistance) in the future. Under the new rule, immigrants who are likely to use public benefits could be denied visas or other forms of immigration status. In July 2020, a federal court issued an injunction blocking the rule from being implemented, however, it’s still possible that the rule could be implemented in the future.


The National Visa Center plays a critical role in processing and managing visa applications for foreign nationals looking to immigrate to the United States. If you’re in the process of applying for an immigrant visa, or are planning to do so, it’s important to understand the role that the NVC will play in the process. By staying up-to-date on recent changes to NVC operations and guidelines, you can better prepare yourself for a successful visa application.

The National Visa Center (NVC) is an office operated and maintained under the United States Service of the Bureau of Consular Affairs in conjunction with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau (USCIS).

What is the National Visa Center?

The National Visa Center is responsible for the processing of all immigration petitions and affidavits subsequent to their respective approval from the USCIS; all finalized payments should be sent to the National Visa Center prior to the receipt of any and all immigration documentation – this can be done through the postal service and/or email. The following is the contact information for the National Visa

Email: NVCINQUIRY@state.gov

Telephone Number: (603) 334-0700

Mailing Address: National Visa Center

Attn: CMR

31 Rochester Avenue, suite 100

Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914

The National Visa Center is NOT open to the public, and as a result, all correspondence must take place through the aforementioned means. Live telephone customer assistance is available from 7:30 AM (EST) to 12:30 AM (EST) during the week. The NVC states that the optimal time(s) to place calls is between the hours of 8 AM and 10 AM (or) between the hours of 9 PM and 12 AM

National Visa Center Help

The parameters and protocols surrounding both the application and approval process of any immigration documentation exists on an individual basis and in conjunction with the respective applicant’s state of affairs; all immigration forms submitted to the National Visa Center should be completed to the fullest extent – in a meticulous fashion. In the event that an individual experiences difficulty completing – or understanding – the immigration documentation being sent to the National Visa Center, they are encouraged to consult an attorney specializing in immigration law and government programs.