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2 Easy Methods to Check a Visa Status

2 Easy Methods to Check a Visa StatusSubsequent to the submission of a visa application, resources provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides individual applicant with the opportunity to monitor their visa status.

Checking Visa Status

There exist two primary methods in which one can check their respective visa status; through physical correspondence – including the postal service and phone calls to the USCIS – or through electronic correspondence through the USCIS website.

1. Visa status can attained through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau by contacting them at their toll-free telephone number (800) 375-5283 or mailing them at the location to which the visa application has been sent.

2. The USCIS website has allowed for advances to be made with regard to the process of checking visa status; latent within the online visa status check procedure are a number of steps that must be undergone prior to any decisive measure in regards to visa applications:

• The acceptance of the application is the first step beginning the process of visa status checking; this step ensures that the USCIS has received an individual applicant – subsequent to the receipt of an application, the application will begin the review process

• The initial review process entails the performance of a background check and case details with regard to the applicant and the individual visa application

• A request for evidence is a potential occurrence within the visa status checking process; the request for evidence occurs in the event that the USCIS review board requires additional information and/or documentation regarding the applicant

• A request for evidence response review occurs upon receipt of the documents requested by the USCIS

• The testing and interview stage of the visa application process is also the midpoint of any gauging of visa status; in this stage, the applicant is interviewed and tested in order to determine the quality of character, mastery of English language, and a comprehension on the part of the applicant with regard to American legislation

• The decision process occurs as the USCIS review board decides on a final verdict with regard to an individual applicant; at this time, the board settles on a motion of either approval or denial

• The post decision activity stage is one where the applicant’s visa status has been approved and the applicant is subsequently made aware of this approval

• The oath ceremony occurs in the event that the applicant has responded to the notification that their application for a visa status has been approved; the applicant will be asked to take an oath of allegiance to the United States

• The card and documentation stage is the final stage of the visa status process; upon approval and satisfaction of the oath,  the applicant has satisfied their respective visa status application and can receive physical documentation of their visa

• Inquiries regarding statuses apart from visa status can be made with regard to N-400 applications – the application for naturalization, as well as to I-90 applications to replace missing, lost, or stolen residency cards and/or documentation.



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