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The Guide to the B2 Tourist Visa

The Guide to the B2 Tourist Visa

Every year, millions of individuals enter into the United States for tourism and recreation. In order to gain entrance into the United States, an individual must obtain a tourist visa. A tourist visa is a type of non-immigrant visa issued to individuals who are visiting the United States to engage in tourism. Tourist visas are also known as B-2 visas. If an individual is entering into the country in order to take part in other activities, he/she will be required to obtain other types of visas. For instance, if an individual is traveling to the United States for business purposes, he/she must apply for a B-1 visa.
Upon obtaining a B-1 visa, an individual will be permitted to enter into the country after arriving at a port of entry. As with all immigrant and non-immigrant visas, there are specific rules and regulations associated with B-2 tourist visas. To acquire a tourist visa, an individual must complete the specified application process and provide the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration services will all associated documents and information. 
The B-2 tourist visa application is relatively easy to complete. In order to initiate the application process, an individual must complete and submit the DS-156 non-immigrant visa application form. This application can be completed in electronic form or in paper form. If an individual completes the electronic DS-156 visa application, the included information will be transferred directly to the USCIS.
If an individual does not have access to the electronic application, he/she can visit his/her local U.S. Consulate or Embassy to obtain and complete a paper application. It will cost an individual a fee of $140 USD to file the application for the B-2 tourist visa. In most instances, official decisions regarding the authorization of tourist visas are determined relatively quickly. In addition to the DS-156 application, an individual must obtain a valid passport from his/her country of citizenship, if he/she does not already possess one.
The B-2 tourist visa has many advantageous features. For instance, a foreign individual does not need a U.S. sponsor in order to obtain a tourist visa. He/she can apply for a B-2 visa without a sponsor. In addition, the application process is relatively quick and easy. In order to obtain a tourist visa, an individual will be required to prove that he/she has access to the financial funds necessary to support him/herself. He/she must be able to effectively pay for food and living expenses.
He/she must also have the funds needed to purchase a flight back to his/her country of citizenship, following the expiration of his/her tourist visa. The United States government has not specified the necessary amount. An applicant will be required to complete an interview prior to the authorization of a B-2 tourist visa. Tourist visas only allow visitors to remain in the United States for a temporary period of time and he/she must leave on or before the specified date, unless he/she extends his/her visa. 



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