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Obtaining Green Cards Through Marriage

Obtaining Green Cards Through Marriage

While getting a green card marriage immigration Choose the visa spousal or fiancé visas Assure that both parties have updated identifying articles – As a marriage involves cohabitation of two people and for an immigrant visa, an affidavit of support and proof of a domicile, it is reasonable to think that a couple will have to go through the green card application process together.


Multiple forms of identification and positive results from both a fingerprint/biometrics exam and a medical physical must be checked off by the immigration officer, but the tendency might be for one member of the couple to neglect their documentation and health and not see a red flag before it is too late.


The couple might want to consult both an immigration lawyer Schedule for an Adjustment of Status interview – In the transition between a visa holder and obtaining a green card through marriage, an immigrant's status is upgraded from conditional resident to a permanent lawful resident through an appointment for an Adjustment of Status interview with a consular official.


This is the last step in the green card application process. The couples should take care to bring all documents assured for accuracy to the review and prepare to answer questions about themselves, their partners, their work and their country.




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