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Learn How to Ace the Green Card Interview

Learn How to Ace the Green Card Interview

These days, especially in the slumping state of the global economy and likewise in the United States, all things must be considered when applying for a job. Individuals looking for work will want to focus on how to best highlight their skills and experience in their resumes, what industries are most keen on hiring when so many jobs are being eliminated, and which of their contacts will be their surest opportunity to securing a job interview, among other things. The interview itself, though, is an important step in the process; merely securing an interview does not guarantee a position. In the green card


Have all of your documentation ready ahead of time – The green card interview implies the asking of personal questions, but if you don't make sure you have all the requisite documents and personal identification with you, you are doomed before you start. You will want to consult the official Websites of the Department of State and the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services for an exact detailed list, but you will want to include things like your birth certificate, medical records, passport marriage.


Practice and anticipate what types of questions the interviewer will ask – The green card process is well-familiar to many people who have immigrated to the United States to work or to marry. If you know someone who has gone through a green card interview and can relate their experiences with you, this will definitely give you something to visualize as you prepare. Otherwise, you may want to consult lists of questions that have been compiled by other people through Internet searches and questions that are similar to the ones you will see on a Civics citizenship exam.


During your green card interview, you may be asked basic questions based on your knowledge of American history and government, your interests and hobbies, and your experiences with the green card process. If you are applying for a green card through marriage or are the citizen spouse, you will also be asked questions based on your knowledge of your spouse and questions directed at the way you interact together, trying to weed out fraudulent a marriage. You may want to run through a practice interview with your spouse.


Be honest – The official reviewing your case during the green card interview will be looking for inconsistencies of information and signs of nervousness. Before you go to the interview, make sure you get a good night's sleep, show up early, and answer the interviewer's questions calmly, honestly and directly.


The above should not take a great deal of preparation, though. If all is by the book, the interview should be smooth sailing.




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