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Get Your US Passport Now!Applying for a passport as a US citizen is a process that must be completed with care and attention to details; there exist a multitude of forms that require completion, as well the as the gathering of documentation that must be presented to the Passport office. The failure to adhere to any of the guidelines specified by the United States Travel Bureau may result in both rejection of one’s application for a passport or a substantial delay in receipt of a passport.

Types of Passport Applications

  • Application for Passport (form DS-11):
  • The completion of the DS-11 form is required in order to obtain a passport; the DS-11 form is considered to be the standard – and uniform – application for the receipt of a US Passport.

  • Application for Passport (form DS-82):
  • This form is required in order to renew one’s passport through the mail; it should be noted that the original issuance of a Passport cannot be done through the mail. Furthermore, upon renewing a passport through the mail, an individual applicant must provide their expired passport in tandem with their application for passport.

  • Application for Passport (form DS-5504):
  • This form is required in the event that an individual has changed their name or wishes to correct the data illustrated on their own passport. Furthermore, this form can be utilized in the event that an individual wishes to obtain a temporary replacement passport.

  • Application for Passport (form DS-64):
  • This form is required in the event that an individual has misplaced their valid passport or has had their passport stolen. Due to the delicate nature of such official documentation, in addition, to the heightened security and sensitivity surrounding the loss of such documentation, the government may respond with an investigation in certain instances. A Passport can be replaced no more than 3 times in a single year, and no more than 10 times in an individual’s lifetime. As a result, individuals are encouraged to be mindful of the location – and possession – of their own passports at all times.

  • Application for Passport (form DS-3053):
  • This form is required in order for a minor – an individual under the age of 16 – to obtain a passport. Due to the fact that the guardians of minors are liable for any decision making – with the exception of emancipated minors – completion of the DS-3053 application for passport is required in order for a minor to obtain a valid passport.

Required Documents

  • The application must be printed on non-glossy, white printer paper; the paper must measure 8 ½ by 11 inches and cannot be neither torn, ripped, not perforated.
  • Proof of United States citizenship must be displayed; this identification must present a picture of the applicant – accepted forms of this type of identification are a valid driver’s license, military identification, certificate of naturalization, government identification, or a certification of legal, permanent citizenship.
  • A US Citizen must supply their social security number upon applying for a passport.



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