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American Travel to the European Union

American Travel to the European Union


When traveling within some countries, a completed entry visa must be shown to immigration officials upon arrival at a port of entry for their approval. As hinted at before, travel from the United States to the EU requires no entry visa for the purpose of travel between the 27 countries that are official participating member states of this bloc. Even though a visa is not needed for pleasurable or business-related conferences, an American is not totally unrestricted when it comes to traveling in and out of the region. For one, a valid passport should be on the individual's person at all times, especially when transitioning across external border lines.

In addition, even though visa documents may not be required, the idea of the visa is still preserved in terms of your legal ability to stay in the European Union. This is to say that there is still a time limit when it comes to the terms of the visit, namely 90 days. Furthermore, additional visa documents and applications may be needed to be fulfilled if the nature of the stay changes. If you, say, seek to accept an offer from an employer while in the EU, you will need a work visa. Other documentation – 

In terms of "visa documents," while actual visa documentation may not be needed by American travelers or any other temporary foreign-born residents, immigration officials in EU individual countries may request to see further proof of identity that is germane to visa applications, including onward and return tickets, evidence of lodging, and/or an invitation from a resident of the European Union. Before traveling to a particular country, you may want to contact the local consulate or embassy for more specific information.