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Can Someone Volunteer For Border Patrol?

Can Someone Volunteer For Border Patrol?The job of a Border Patrolillegal immigrants The Minutemen Border Patrol began as a group of vigilantes There has been a lot of controversy surrounding these volunteer Border Patrol groups, with a lot of attention paid in particular to the minutemen Border Patrol groups. Some agree wholeheartedly with what they are doing: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has praised what the minutemen Border Patrol do. However, former-President George W. Bush criticized the program. His argument was that, at best, these volunteer Border Patrols promoted vigilante justice.

The Minutemen Border Patrol group has also been criticized as being racist. The American Civil Liberties Union even went to the borders to watch the volunteer Border Patrol group in action, checking to see if they were using unnecessary force or illegal tactics. Stories have circulated for some time about the Minutemen Border Patrol group having corruption amongst its members, with some taking bribes and others setting up illegal immigrants to be caught on United States territory by luring them over the Mexican border and into the United States.

There have been several incidents that have been brought to the attention of the media. One well publicized occurrence was a protest led by roughly 40 students at Columbia University. The students were said to have stormed the stage after a lecture by two Minutemen board members. The men had been invited to speak on behalf of the Minutemen Border Patrol.

Although there is controversy surrounding the volunteer Border Patrol groups, particularly the Minutemen Border Patrol, there is still a strong level of support for their cause.