How do I renew my passport?

How do I renew my passport?

How do I renew my passport?
When an American is considering taking an international trip, even a trip into Canada or Mexico, they should examine if they will have to renew their passport or renew a passport for anyone traveling with them. If they find out they will have to renew a passport, there are several simple steps that they should follow in order to renew a passport.
If a person wants to renew a passport by mail, four criteria must be met:
   The previous passport must be undamaged, and submitted with the application;
   The passport being renewed must have been issued after the person was above 16 years of age;
   The passport must have been issued within fifteen years;
The passport must be issued in the person's current name, or the person seeking to renew a passport must be able to demonstrate that they have had their name legally changed.
As long as these requirements have been met, a person can submit Form DS-82, Application for a U.S. Passport by Mail. 
It is only possible to renew a passport by mail for individuals with mailing addresses in Canada or the United States of America. If the person finds out they need to renew a passport within two weeks of their international travel, they will need to visit a Regional Passport Agency. 
When a person decides to renew a passport, they may elect to apply of a passport card, which can be used for international land or sea travel within North America.




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