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Do Babies Need Passports?

Do Babies Need Passports?

citizen of the United States of America needs a passport for
international travel, including babies. In addition to obtaining a baby
passport, it is also important to obtain passports for children. In the
eyes of the State Department passports of children, also known as Minor
Passports must be obtained by individuals under the age of sixteen.
After age sixteen, an individual is permitted to apply for an adult
passport. However, passports for children age sixteen and seventeen are
subject to many of the same regulations that apply when obtaining a baby

A baby passport or other passports require the
applicant to appear in person to apply in person. Fortunately, there are
more than nine thousand passport acceptance facilities across the
country. Many of these locations are found in post offices, libraries,
courts, or local government offices, although it is important to find
the appropriate location when applying for passports for children in

When applying for a baby passport, both of the child’s
legal guardians must be present. If either is not able to attend, then
the other parent should bring a notarized Statement of Consent, which is
used to try to make it impossible to obtain passports for children
involved in custody disputes. If there is either one parent involved in
the child or baby’s life, or only one parent has legal custody of the
child, the parent applying for the passport will have to provide
evidence of this fact.

If a Statement of Consent cannot be
obtained, the parent can state their case in the “Special Circumstances”
box on the Statement.