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How Do Minors Get New Passports?

How Do Minors Get New Passports?

Getting a new passport 

Once parents have obtained the necessary
documentation, they should also consider issues of custody of the child. A
custodial parent, or legal guardian, must be present when the child applies for
their new passport. In fact, both parents, or guardians, must sign the
documentation in order for the child to be granted a new passport. New
regulations require that anyone that is entitled to custodial rights for the
minor, must consent to the new passport being granted.

New passports require a legal signature
by the owner of the new passport. Since minors cannot sign for themselves, a
parent or legal guardian must sign for them. The parent should first print the
child’s name and then sign their own name beside it. After the signature, the
parent should put their relationship to the child in parenthesises. For
example, the child’s name would be printed, followed by the parents signature,
with father or mother in parenthesises. New passports must be signed before
anyone attempts to travel with the minor child. Taking children outside of the
United States is a serious matter and every precaution will be taken against a
non custodial parent taking the child out of the country. In fact, it is
necessary for parents to be sure that they follow all rules and restrictions
when getting and utilizing new passports for children.

New passports should be treated with
care. Parents should do their best to avoid losing the documentation. In fact,
it is not advised to allow children to carry their new passports. However,
children should have identification, including emergency phone numbers on their
person, whenever they are traveling.



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