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Easy Steps to a Passport Renewal

Easy Steps to a Passport Renewal

What is a Passport Renewal and how do I know if I need to get my Passport Renewed?
A passport is a legal document that is needed if an individual would like to travel abroad. Similar to most licenses or legal documents, an individual, to maintain a valid travel status, will need to renew their passport every few years.
Due to the fact that passports range in the duration of time in which they are considered to be valid, there is no uniform statute of limitations to which passport renewals conform; however, in most cases, there exist 2 types of limitations and exceptions in regards to passports and their respective renewal:
US passports that are assigned to individuals under the age of 16 are considered to be valid for 5 years following the date of issue.
US passports that are assigned to individuals above the age of 16 are considered to be valid for 10 years following the date of issue.
Once these expiration dates pass the passport is no longer considered valid and must be renewed. A failure to renew a United States’ passport will result in a holder’s inability to travel abroad.

What documents do I need for a Passport Renewal?
US passport renewal can be completed through mail. However, regulations and requirements within the specification of the provision of necessary items and required forms are stringent. All attached items and forms must be submitted according to the specific regulation set forth by the United States Department of Travel. A failure to properly submit and/or complete the requirements established by U.S. Federal Law can result in the rejection or delay of the passport renewal process.
In order to complete the US passport renewal process, the following is required:
Passport Photo: The applicant must submit an updated and recent passport photo in order to complete the passport renewal process. The specifications of the passport photo are specific and require strict adherence.
The passport photo must meet the following criteria: A recent photograph, must measure 2 X 2 inches, must be in color, and the individual in the picture must appear facing the camera and wearing normal clothing. Any accessories or poses which alter the applicant’s look will not be accepted as a valid photo ID.
Form DS-82 (Passport Application): Once the applicant has acquired the passport photo needed for the renewal process, they are required to complete the Passport Application form DS-82. This form is acquired from the Department of Travel’s website.
An Expired Passport: The applicant must submit their expired passport in tandem with the passport renewal application. An expired passport serves as a fundamental piece of identification and is required for renewal purposes.
Fees Associated with Renewal: The passport renewal fee is typically between $75 and $95 depending on what type of passport the applicant is acquiring.
Processing Period: The US passport renewal process can take up to 6 weeks. As a result of this delay, the applicant is encouraged to allow for an ample amount of time for the completion of this process.