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3 Steps for Finding the Best Immigration Law Offices

3 Steps for Finding the Best Immigration Law Offices


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1. Look for an office where they speak your language – On the subject of dating, some people have been known to remark that opposites attract. While this may be true with romance and the physics of magnetic attraction, this is definitely a bad mindset to take when it comes to choosing an immigration law firm. The language barrier is something that far too many immigrants face when first coming to live and work in the United States. Of course, this does not apply to all new immigrants; if you are moving from 

2. Look for experience – Continuing with the dating metaphor, some men or women look to date older men or women because they want someone who has been around the block. They want someone with a good deal of experience who is sure of him- or herself and will not be afraid to take the lead. With an immigration law office, you may not have a strong knowledge of the firm's particular reputation, especially if you are a trailblazer for your family. Even so, you can usually bet that an office or family of lawyers that has been in the immigration law game for a while would know a great deal about immigration law or those they have been successful with other clients. Immigration law offices, like potential suitors, tend to vary, but you should play it safe with someone established. 

3. Look for consistency – Whether it is dating or a partnership between an attorney and his or her client, the parallel exists in that it is a relationship. In order for a relationship to flourish, there must be some degree of consistency to the way in which you interact. While language accessibility and knowledge are not to be discounted, you also want to know that your immigration law office is working for you. If you find yourself bounced around between lawyers, paralegals and clerks, you may want to go back to your drawing board of immigration law offices and rediscover your comfort zone.