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Learning About the Green Card Process

Learning About the Green Card Process

What is the Green Card Process?

A Green Card enables a non-resident of the United States to permanently reside in the United States. As a result of this legal document, the individual holder is allowed the expressed permission to be considered as a permanent resident in the United States. 
Although the Green Card offers permanent residency there are latent restrictions associated with receiving full citizenship.
Although individual requests for Green Cards vary according to a case-by-case basis, there are uniform statutes associated with the pertinent immigration legislation:
a.    Visa: A Visa is a form of expressed permission that allows an immigrant, or non-citizen to temporarily reside within the United States. The visa offers permission, which is granted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau (USCIS).
b.    The Green Card Process and Citizenship: Upon the granting of Citizenship within the United States of America, the individual in question is permitted to enjoy the vast expanses of freedoms and rights offered in United States’ Constitution. 
c.    The Green Card Process and Familial Sponsorship: Those who obtain a Green Card may in essence, transfer the rights attached to their immediate family members. Immediate family members – with regard to the Green Card Process – include:
A legal spouse
Unmarried children under the age(s) of 21
All applicable family members must apply for any and all associated documents and forms substantiating permission for legal entry
Photograph Requirements 
In order to finalize the process, the applicant(s) will be required to submit a photograph with their respective application. 
The requirements associated with this photograph are specific and the guidelines must be met; the submission of unacceptable or unregulated photographs with regard to an application for a Green Card Process can result in delays in the Green Card process. The photograph must be of the individual and no one else; the photograph must be 2 X @ inches in size, and the photograph must contain no unusual faces or attire.

Legal Assistance with the Green Card Process

The Green Card Process is stringently regulated by the United States’ Federal Government. Failure to comply and subsequently fulfill these requirements will result in a delay or termination of your green card application. As a result of this, it is suggested that any problems or concerns be brought up with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Bureau. This department can be contacted through their toll-free phone number: (800) 375-5283. Those interested in learning about additional requirements, the expedition of applications, citizenship requirements, and supplemental immigration legislation are encouraged to:
Arrange an appointment with an Immigration Case Worker through the InfoPass program, which is the online interview and appointment portal located on the USCIS website.
Request information – both in digital or hard-copy form – from the USCIS documentation and resource database.
Additionally, applicant may also contact or employ an immigration attorney to help streamline their respective Green Card application. These legal professionals are well-versed in Immigration litigation and will help elucidate upon the intricacies associated with the Green Card process.