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Burmese Refugees

Burmese Refugees

For years, the Burmese government has been exploiting the
people of Burma. This exploitation has included forcing them to pay exorbitant taxes
sexual abuse 

to constant mistreatment and lack of medical resources, food, and economic
opportunity, there have been thousands of Burmese refugees that fled their
homes. Most Burmese refugees have chosen to settle in nearby Thailand for
the past 20 years. Camps are set up for the Burma refugees. There were roughly
20,000 Burmese refugees in the refugee camps of Thailand in the 1980s. That
number has now grown to at least 300,000, although exact numbers are difficult
to obtain.

deadly regime that was appointed by the Burmese government guards the border,
looking for citizens who are trying to become Burmese refugees. This increased
security, of course, makes it harder for them to become Burma refugees in the
first place.

policies are constantly changing their approach to handling the Burmese
refugees in Thailand. Burma refugees fall into two categories: border refugees
and urban refugees. Thailand’s government has pushed for a law that would force
some Burmese refugees to return home before the conflict in Burma ends.

Although safer than they are in Burma,
Burmese refugees who find themselves in Thailand face devastating poverty,
discrimination, and a lack of protection and human rights from the Thai
government. These Burma refugees often find themselves working in dangerous
construction sites where there are no safety precautions. The Burma refugees are
expected to work at least 10 hours a day with an average wage of $1.00 United
States dollar. The Burmese refugee camps consist of aluminum houses with dirt
floors for the Burmese refugees.

The population of these Burmese refugee
camps has not decreased at all since they were originally set up. If anything,
the number of Burma refugees has exploded due to problems with the Burmese
government. As the corrupt government continues to exploit its people, more
Burma residents decide to leave the country every year.