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Who is an MFA Legal Expert?

Who is an MFA Legal Expert?

An MFA legal expert is a legal expert who specializes in foreign affairs; it not uncommon for an MFA legal expert to be under the employ of a specific Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Depending on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which the individual MFA legal expert retains their respective expertise, the legal training required to be satisfied by the MFA legal expert varies.


In landlocked nations, MFA legal experts will focus on diplomacy, international law, and the solidification of relations between neighboring countries. In the case of nations that reside next to bodies of water, and MFA legal expert might be trained in Maritime Law. Regardless of the location of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an MFA legal expert must be versed not only in the legal process within their individual nation of origin, but the legal process existing within nations with whom they interact on a consistent basis.