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What Do Immigration Bills Do?

What Do Immigration Bills Do?


An immigration bill is a piece of legislation that seeks to address complications with the process involved in legal immigration, or the widespread problem of legal immigration. In the United States, an immigration bill can be passed at a federal or a state level. In recent years, most immigration reform bills have been focused on addressing illegal immigration.

Currently, there are two very controversial immigration bills frequently discussed in the news. The first is the student immigration bill, which would have legalized some potential military volunteers and students who are currently residing in the United States illegally. The bill, known as the Development, Relief, and Education for Aliens Minors Act, would have provided selected individuals with the ability to attain U.S. citizenship. This immigration bill was not passed by the Senate, as it did no receive the 60 votes necessary for further consideration.

The second controversial immigration reform bill is the Arizona Immigration Bill. This bill was passed on the state level, in Arizona. This legislation requires all immigrants to constantly carry their registration documents. In the event that police suspect that an individual is an illegal immigrant, the police are permitted to request the individual's registration documents. If the registration documents are not present, incarceration and deportation may occur. To protect your rights find an immigration lawyer.

This bill has caused a great deal of debate, as it promotes racial profiling and unpleasant conditions for immigrants who are in this country legally.