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What Does an Immigration Office Do?

What Does an Immigration Office Do?

The immigration office is an important sector in homeland security. There is a formal processing aspect; this is where qualified or eligible individuals file the proper paperwork to be legally acknowledged by the government. This is where citizenship, temporary work permits, and various other legal documents are procured. There is also the Immigration officers and patrols who look after issues regarding security and immigration fraudulence.

Immigration Office Background
An Immigration office is the principal office in which inquires, files, and processing occurs regarding the status of individuals who are currently being considered for immigration, individuals who have submitted their forms, and individuals have already gone through the entirety of the immigration process. In the United States, the immigration office used is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Office. It is where all the forms are located, laws, and other important information regarding citizenship.

Immigration Officer
An immigration officer is an individual hired by one of the various immigration agencies throughout the United States. The primary objective of an immigration officer is to make sure that fraudulent issues regarding immigration are caught and brought to justice. This means issues of illegal immigrants in the United States, of individuals employing illegal immigrants, and more specific issues of safety for those in the United States. Immigration officer jobs include: looking into fraudulent cases, processing and interviewing these individuals involved, reporting to the various other agencies of state, local, and federal levels of what is being learned and what implementations can be made to change policy.