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Using Immigration Forms in the US

Using Immigration Forms in the US

Framework of the United States will generally have
to make use of or refer to immigration forms, as can pertain to a wide range of
possible issues and problems as may arise from the ability of an individual to
stay in the country. The most pertinent source for free immigration forms is
that of the government agency of the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration
Services. The USCIS is placed within the larger organizational context of the
United States Department of Homeland Security.

Previously, any immigration form
related concerns and questions which an individual withion the United States
might have possessed would have been referred to the United States Immigration and
Naturalization Service. This source for immigration forms was also widely known
as the INS, and was placed within the Department of Justice. On May 9, 2003,
the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services newly assumed
its current position as the official source for immigration forms and other
federal, governmental issues of oversight of immigration.

In addition to immigration form
questions, the USCIS is also responsible for the connected area of
naturalization forms, as can be granted to people who have previously and
correctly gone through the process provided for by free immigration forms.
These free immigration forms, as with naturalization forms, will be
alphanumerically designated, comprising the letter I and then several digits,
in contrast to naturalization forms, which begin with the letter N.