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Refugee resettlement trends in America

Refugee resettlement trends in AmericaThe history of the development of the United States of America, in terms of population, tends to dictate that future trends for displaced persons’ resettlement, refugeeimmigrationillegal immigrantsMembers of the American refugee program population have done just that.

The figures are, consequently, not terribly surprising when it comes to resettlement. Refugee populations are highest in two major cities in the United States: New York and Los Angeles, and all other ranked municipalities are metropolitan areas of some significance.

In rounding out the top ten, however, some cities that are not as immediately prominent have made the list. Seattle, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Sacramento are among those cities with comparatively low ranks of foreign-born permanent residents. Other manifestations of the American refugee program are also quite significant, although they also make a lot of sense giving not only geography, but human nature as well.

As identified by the UNHCR, one of the most durable forms of relocating people as part of refugee program services is permanent resettlement. Refugee groups, in accord with this principle, have not only existed in some cities, but flourished, at that. Key examples of this include the heavy numbers of Cuban refugees in Miami and other parts of Florida and high rates of resettlement of Iranian refugees in Californian cities.