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Passport Renewal Form

Passport Renewal Form

What is Passport Renewal Form?
The Passport Renewal Form – also known as Form DS-82 – is an application that must be submitted in the event that an individual wished to renew a preexisting, legal passport. The Passport Renewal Form can be completed and resubmitted by mail; however, the applicant must satisfy the expressed requirements allowing them to do so – these requirements are as follows:
•    An existing, legal passport must be submitted through the mail in an undamaged state
•    The passport must have been issued to the individual subsequent to their 16th birthday
•    The passport on question was issued to the applicant within the past 15 years
•    The individual applicant has not undergone any name change(s) or can provide for substantial documentation reflecting a legal name change
•    Individuals who cannot meet these requirements must apply – in person – for a new passport

Passport Renewal Form and Associated Forms
The completion of the following forms may be necessary with regard to the establishment of international status with regard to Passport Renewal Form:
Passport Renewal Form Title: Form DS-82 (Passport through mail)
Passport Renewal Form Description: Renewal of Passport as per meeting the expressed requirements
Required Material:The submission of 2 current photographs, as well as the submission of an existing passport
Filing Fee and Applicable Costs: $60

Passport Renewal Form and Immigration Fraud
With regard to Passport Renewal Form, travel and immigration fraud can take place through a variety of means; the United States’ Department of Consular Affairs, as well as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Bureau (USCIS) explain that fraudulent immigration documentation is one of the primary forms of immigration fraud taking place within the United States of America. In response to this, all federal bureaus that handle immigration and travel stipulations have imposed strict and stringent requirements that correlate to the fulfillment of immigration and travel documentation, such as Passport Renewal Form. With regard to Passport Renewal Form, the following procedures are encouraged:
•    Upon filing travel and immigration documentation, individual applicants are required to submit truthful and accurate statements
•    Individual applicants are required to adhere to all parameters and protocols expressed within the instructions of applicable forms and documentation with in the Passport Renewal Form; all stipulations ranging from photograph dimensions to biographical information must be adhered
•    In the event that fraudulent information is submitted, an individual may be immediately discounted from consideration with regard to the receipt of a validPassport in addition to supplementary charges

Passport Renewal Form Resources
The following are a list of helpful and accredited resources that may provide assistance for those interested in apply for – or completing thePassport Renewal Form:
•    The United States Bureau of Consular Affairs is the federal department that mandates the oversight of the wellbeing, interest, safety, protection, and legality on American citizens who reside outside of the United States; residence can range from short term to long term stays – the Bureau of Consular Affairs can be contacted through their toll-free phone number: (877) 487-2778



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