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McCain on Immigration Reform

McCain on Immigration Reform

The latest immigration news has often revolved around
upcoming political office elections. A politician’s stance on immigration
reform is an important part of his or her campaign. Arizona Senator John
McCain, who ran for president in 2008, had hoped for a complete overhaul of
immigration. In fact, before he even ran for president, he joined Senator Edward
“Ted” Kennedy
in pushing
a bill called the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act in 2005.

The Secure America and Orderly
Immigration Act set out to form a worker visa
program that would allow American employers
temporarily to hire immigrants for jobs that could not be filled by United
States workers. Undocumented workers would have been able to sign up for the
temporary worker program by paying a fine of $1500. The American employers
would have had to prove that the positions were unable to be filled by American
laborers. The illegal immigrants who would have been granted temporary worker
status would have been able to apply for citizenship

The bill proposed that illegal immigrants already living in the United States
would have the chance to legalize their status without facing deportation
. Although many
considered this a form of amnesty, McCain argued that the legalized status
would not come easily for the illegal immigrants. In addition to paying a high
fine, they would have to compete for the legal immigration slots with other
foreigners. The fine would come from payment of back taxes following a period
of employment.

Both Senators McCain and Kennedy had a high hopes for the bill, which, like
others in the past also called for increased border security
. This was to be accomplished by an increase
in funding for the personnel and technology of the United States Border
Control. McCain proposed that by allowing an easier path to citizenship while
increasing security would drastically cut down the number of illegal immigrants
entering the United States every year. New documentation would have been
provided for the immigrants, cutting down on the number of fake Social Security
numbers, identification cards, and driver’s licenses.