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An Overview to International Passport Applications

An Overview to International Passport Applications

A passport application is a legal form submitted to the government in request for the issue of a passport for an individual.

Passport Application Background
A passport application is a form that is filled out for a particular region; it is a way in which a government can determine the legitimacy of citizenship and bestow the rights of a passport onto an individual. Passports, regardless of region, require specific criteria like personal information, proof of identification and citizenship, and photos.

U.S. Passport Application Form
A U.S. passport application form can be obtained through the Post office or on the Internet. Filling out the form asserts that an individual is a legal citizen of the United States and requests their right to a passport for travel purposes. Personal information and an itinerary of travel are required in order to secure passport approval.

British Passport Application Form

A British Passport application needs to be filled out in order for a passport to be issued to a citizen of the UK.  Citizens living in the United States who are of British citizenship are also allowed to gain access to a British Passport. Information regarding kinship and personal identification are required.

Indian Passport Application Form
There are several different types of Indian passport application forms available through the government of India. There are regular, official, and diplomatic passports that can be obtained. By filling out an application form and submitting it to the passport agency,  an individual is affirming that they have right to their passport.

Canadian Passport Application Form
A Canadian passport application form is a legal form that is filled out by individuals who desire to travel outside of Canada. This application requires personal information, citizenship examples, photos, and various other elements.