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Know the New Immigration Laws!

Know the New Immigration Laws!

People who are interested about the current immigration laws in place in the United States, whether for the purpose of moving to the country, maintaining a current residence in the country for a longer period of time, or addressing legal concerns arising from the immigration status of others, might refer to the official source of the US government agency which administers new immigration laws. In this regard, people may direct their queries and concerns to the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. 
The American political scene has been noted for concern over the current immigration laws in place for controlling the admittance of new immigrants into the country, in terms both of the legal entry of migrants and the issue of illegal immigration into the nation. In addition, prominent political figures, including President Obama and his predecessor President Bush, have expressed interest in having wide-ranging packages of new immigration laws passed through Congress. Political commentary has generally found that the current immigration laws are not meeting the current needs of the country in terms of the ability to control immigration.
According to surveys of current immigration laws discussion, the 2009 period in legislation saw 222 new immigration laws passed throughout the country, in addition the 131 resolutions adopted in 48 American states. A bill passed in Arizona has also been cited as focusing attention on the matter of current immigration laws. New immigration laws of this kind specifically function by granting new powers to law enforcement agencies and placing new restrictions on non-citizens in the country.



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