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Finding the Best Immigration Law Firm

Finding the Best Immigration Law Firm



Law firms can be quite general when it comes to people's imaginations of what a firm is like. However, as with many fields, such as medicine, which certainly is the prototypical idea of a field with specialization, law also has many classifications. Often, these categories are based on the context in which the law is practiced. In terms of immigration law, there are indeed individualized immigration law firms that are created with the concept of banding together trained legal minds in a specific content area.

Of course, to find the right immigration law firm, you might want to shop around when it comes to finding the right fit for you, especially if you are not comfortable with the English language. Here are some suggestions on how to go about researching immigration law firms and taking the next step to being a member of American society with full benefits, privileges, and responsibilities: 

Internet search – In the computer age and going into the age of a wireless world, there is very little that the Internet and global networking has not penetrated. A very obvious first step might be to employ a standard search using or any search engine across the Web for 

Phone book/newspaper – Then again, going back to ink and paper might be your preferred method of finding the immigration law firm of your dreams. Noting the omnipresence of the Internet in our daily lives, it is not unreasonable to think one might forget about checking the phone book for advertisements and listings from law firms. Review the Yellow Pages for your area and see which, if any firms offer assistance on immigration law. Also, it wouldn't hurt to check the Classified Ads section in your local newspaper. In addition to job postings, businesses may offer their services in paid advertisements, and immigration law firm are a business one in the same. 

Contacting your embassy or consulate – As applications for visas and other official documents go through U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, many consular offices have worked with immigration attorneys as part of an immigration law firm. While it may not be the embassy's place to recommend a private entity, you might be able to get personal recommendations through officials on immigration law firms or ones that have been recommended by past applicants. 

Official organizations – As with other professional organizations, immigration lawyers belong to organizations beyond the American Bar Association. The official Web site for the American Immigration Lawyers Association features a lot of resource information for immigration law firms around the country. Again, call ahead to make sure your choice of immigration law firm is the right one.