Immigration Court

Immigration Court

Immigration Court

General Information


Review fear determinations made by the Department of Homeland Security


Make decisions in rescission of departure control and adjustment of status cases


Conduct review proceedings and custody hearings, as well as bond re-determination proceedings


Take actions consistent with immigration laws such as pre-hearing conferences and issuing subpoenas


These authorities are moderated by the Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, which is responsible for the supervision of immigration judges.  The judges may also have authority to conduct disciplinary proceedings for representatives such as attorney, administer the oath of citizenship, and conduct removal proceedings of the Office of Special Investigations. 


While an immigration court judge has jurisdiction to make final decisions regarding the removability or deportability of immigrants, their decision can be appealed to or certified by the Board of Immigration Appeals.  If the case is further appealed, it reaches the jurisdiction of the United States Courts of Appeals and, eventually, the United States Supreme Court.





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