Darfur Refugees

Darfur displaced persons are similar to a refugee in that both usually leave their location to get away from the same kinds of human rights violations, such as political repression,
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Rwanda Refugees

The social crisis in Rwanda which has caused the flight of many African refugees has been caused by domination of political, economic and social power by the Tutsis over the
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Sudanese Refugees

Although tend to be politically accepted, they still can face discrimination once they flee to their new country of residence. Sudanese refugees, who tend to seek refuge in Egypt when
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Chad Refugees

Chad is home to one of the world's poorest populations: because of this, the refugee camps that have been housing so many Darfur refugees who have fled to Chad have
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Congo Refugees

The United Nations refugee agency has announced a desperate need for more resources and assistance for Congo refugees, and is
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Somalia Refugees

Helping refugees has been atop the agenda for the United Nations for a long-time, with public demand to help refugees
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Ethiopia Refugees

International relief agencies concluded that over 1,000 African refugees from Ethiopia entered Somalia refugee camps on a daily basis. Many of the refugees were women and refugee children. These refugee
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