Refugees History

What was the Balkans War?

The Balkans are located between mainland Europe and the Near East. The Balkans' mountainous geography very much lends itself to its identity and violent history. During World War II, the
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Chechnya Revolt

Chechnya, now situated within Russian Federation borders along with Georgia, is somewhat protected from outside enemies and other impeding influences by the Caucasus Mountains that surround them. Its history, though,
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Historical and Modern Refugees of the World

World War II Refugees World War II is often thought of in terms of the amounts of lives lost within the span of the conflict. In all, some 70 million
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Burmese Refugees

For years, the Burmese government has been exploiting the people of Burma. This exploitation has included forcing them to pay exorbitant taxes  Due to constant mistreatment and lack of medical
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How is India Partitioned?

Political divisions rarely occur in a very clean way. When land is reorganized into new territories, and new countries formed out of large blocs, the logistical concerns of getting people
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